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Christine Del Grosso


Christine Del Grosso is Andy's wife and business partner. She was born in Michigan and grew up on the East Coast in a family of artists and teachers. Her father Michael Morier was a renown pottery artist and the creator of the "horse hair pottery". Although his original pieces are rare and very collectible, copies of his art work can be seen at the Albuquerque Airport.


Christine grew up surrounded by art, antiques and music, but still very young she left home and she came to California in search of her own fortune. A few years later she started her own contracting business in Santa Rosa. Her company, which she grew to become a corporation with 18 employees is still around and well, even many years after she left.


In 2006 she married Andy and started being involved with DelGrosso Design, sharing her decade of experience in contracting business. Her impact on the company has been huge, bringing DelGrosso Design to the next level.


Still maintaining her position as Managing Director, Christine is now full-time embracing her own real estate  career as a broker/realtor. She is an accomplished business woman and also mother of three.



DelGrosso Design is a family owned Contracting Company that specializes in custom concrete DIAMOND POLISHING and restoration.


The company was founded in 2002 by Andy DelGrosso when he moved to Santa Rosa, California from Lake Como, Italy. During the years Andy's personal and technical growth has pushed the company through different phases. In the first years of business in California DelGrosso Design has been mostly installing outdoor concrete, stone and masonry, following the footsteps of Andy's father and grandfather, both stone masons. In the following years Andy became fascinated by the creativity and beauty of decorative concrete, so he started shifting the direction, focusing mostly on concrete installation and restoration.


Andy's desire to create more beautiful and unique projects brought out the need of exploring new and more unique applications for concrete interiors, like diamond polishing, custom staining and stenciling.


At the same time Andy has been training his crew to these new techniques he developed for restoration of interior and exterior concrete, pushing them to develop their own artistic eye and natural passion for the trade.


DelGrosso Design today mainly focuses on concrete, cement and terrazzo floors, with diamond polishing being one of the most requested services. We are proud of every project we complete and of our customer care. We make a mission of listening and understanding our clients, steps too often underestimated by our competitors. We believe that the quality of every project it is not only in the beauty of the final product, but also in the entire construction process necessary to get there.

Christine  DelGrosso

Our Crew


Our main diamond polishing tech is  Milton Partida.  He is an hardworking, dedicated employee, able to tackle the most delicate operations with ability and knowledge.


Milton is a father of two; his background is in the wine industry and in construction. He is a wonderful chef and loves soccer.



Our concrete finishing crew is led by Victor, an extremely experienced journeyman finisher. His talent shows in each installation he performs, hands on at every job and directing the installers with precision and diligence. From stamping to custom forming, saw cutting and scoring, he's one of the best finishers in Northern California.

Andy DelGrosso


Andy DelGrosso was born in Italy in a small village nearby Lake Como. His birth name is Andrea Del Grosso (Del Grosso being a two words last name); his father Sergio was a teacher and self-taught stone mason (he learned after his father, a professional stone mason).


After graduating high school he attended the Geology Faculty at The Milano State University, following his passion for rocks and stone. Three years later he left the university studies and entered in partnership with a local construction company, assuming the role of crew leader and project manager.


During those ten years Andrea developed his construction experience, mostly in structural concrete, stone veneering and flagstone paving, interlocking pavers installation.


In 2002 he moved to Santa Rosa, achieving a dream that he had since he was sixteen. He has been residing in Sonoma County since then. He loves music and is an accomplished musician and songwriter. His artistic side reflects in every part of his life, most of all in his construction projects.