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Stain & Seal


Concrete slabs are often colored with integral pigments (when the pigment is mixed in with the concrete at the plant) or with stain and dyes. The latter are topical pigments, and must be properly applied to insure the desired performance. Stains are used to create marbled, peculiar coloration. Dyes are typically used to tint the surface in a more uniform way. There are many techniques and products available, and every project will take on a character of its own. Only a very experienced installer can achieve the most desirable effects. We have more that 15 Years of experience in staining and coloring concrete, and many hundreds of successful installations to prove it.

When a concrete surface is not suitable for direct staining, or Grinding & Honing, a thin layer of cement can be applied (Self-leveling Topping), then sanded and stained.

All colored concrete, as well as standard concrete , must be sealed with a clear protective coating. DelGrosso Design only use high quality sealants, engineered for performance and aesthetics.

Stain&Seal Gallery

Additional pictures of stained concrete are at Outdoor Concrete page

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