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DelGrosso Design is licensed with the State of California CSLB # 864095 in the following classifications:



C8 Concrete

C29 Masonry

C27 Landscaping

D06 Concrete related services

D12 Synthetic products



CSLB LICENSE - Any company or individual entering into a home improvement contract for a total value in labor and materials of $500 or more by law need to hold valid and current CSLB license. Hiring a licensed contractor is the first step to insure a good end to your project. Visit the CSLB website at for more information and tips on how to hire the right contractor.


BOND - We are bonded for $15,000 as required by the CSLB. The License Bond is a mandatory insurance that every licensed contractor must have to maintain an active license. This bond covers claims up to $15,000.


LIABILITY INSURANCE - We hold current and in goodstanding Commercial Liability insurance. Our liability insurance covers damages to structures and persons on job sites up to $1,000,000.


AUTO INSURANCE - DelGrosso Design holds Standard auto insurance policy.


WORKERS' COMP INSURANCE - This insurance is mandatory in California for all companies with employees. Subcontractors must carry WC insurance, unless exempt. DelGrosso Design is currently Exempt from WC insurance requirements.




  • DelGrosso Design is a Superabrasive Floor Polishing Systems Certified Contractor.

  • DelGrosso Design is an Ardex Polished Concrete System certified contractor

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