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Stenciling is an artistic process that allows creation of custom graphics, such as logos, coats of arms, emblems, etc..., directly into the surface of polished concrete. The process is a highly skilled trade, similar to silk screen printing. A special vinyl masking needs to be fabricated for each individual color, and applied to the prepared surface. A penetrating dye is then applied, which tints the concrete where the surface is not protected by masking. Once the color is applied, the masking is removed, and the process repeats for every color of the graphics. With stenciling we can bring the customization of your floor to the next level, with unmatched beauty and craftsmanship!

The art work is integral (embedded) with the concrete itself, so it is very durable, and will just require the same maintenance and cleaning procedure as the rest of the slab, making is so easy to enjoy.

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