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DelGrosso Design specializes in Diamond Polished Concrete and Cement.


Based in Sonoma County, located in the spectacular Valley of the Moon, the heart of the Wine Country, we pride on our integrity, excellent craftsmanship, technical knowledge, and unique designing style.

For almost two decades DelGrosso Design has produced hundreds of unique, beautiful projects, all through the San Francisco Bay Area.

The company was founded in 2004 by Andrea DelGrosso, after more than a decade of business in Lake Como, Italy, where he was born and raised. He learned his trade from his dad, a teacher, and his grandfather, a stone mason.


Polished Concrete Industry

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In the last decade Polished Concrete has become one of the most important finishes in the flooring industry. While commercial polished concrete is desired for its performance, reflectivity and ease of maintenance, residential diamond polished concrete offers in addition incredible beauty, style, and customization options. Fewer companies are able to produce high-end residential polished concrete, and only an experienced company like ours is able to achieve the highest standard.

How the process works

Existing old or newer concrete slabs are refinished by mechanical abrasion. In other words, machines equipped with diamond tooling are used to process the concrete surface, starting from a more aggressive grit, and  progressively switching to finer grit, until the surface is smooth. Typical phases are grinding, honing, repair of cracks and dents, detailing, densification, polishing, sealing and burnishing. Heavy planetary machines are necessary to install high quality diamond polished floors. DelGrosso Design is a Certified Superabrasive Contractor. Superabrasive is a leading manufacturer of diamond polishing machines and tooling.

Why Polished concrete?

Diamond polished concrete and diamond polished cement overlays are among the most durable and beautiful floors on the market. Our surfaces are extremely resilient, virtually scratch-dust-mold resistant, very easy to maintain and clean, and provide excellent slip resistance even in wet conditions. Although most home owners choose our floors because of the aesthetics and style, our polished concrete is the surface of choice for high traffic retail and production spaces, industrial and commercial buildings, restaurants, gyms, schools, and more.

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Our Partners:

Concrete Slab or Cement Overlay?

Cement is one of the components in concrete. It is a fine powder that binds the other ingredients through a process called "hydration". In addition to cement, concrete contains stone aggregate, which once exposed during the initial grinding phase, creates the classic "salt and pepper" look of polished concrete. If a slab is not in conditions suitable for direct refinishing, a cement overlay (we also call it "topping") can be applied to create a brand new surface. The polishing process and floor performance is virtually identical on both cement and concrete. Several type of diamond polished cement overlays are available, so we can create unique tones and designs.

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