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Polished Topping Blue Sky


Project information:



  • Location: Letizi Residence - Penngrove, CA

  • Description: Remodeling of interior floor


Specifications - This project's main challenges were the substrate preparation work, and integrating the art work within the new cement topping.

The original floor was an old stamped concrete slab, with very uneven surface, deep grooves, and shifted sections. Because of the condition and design of the original slab, the surface was prepared using a shotblast machine, instead of the usual grinder. The substrate was then prepared with a moisture control epoxy layer, a cement underlayment to fill the voids and level the slab, and finally with the 1/2" cement topping. Zinc dividers were used to separate the floor in sections, also to prepare the inlays for the art work.

One of the inlays is a wind rose, the household crest, and the other is a tridimensional art logo.

When discussing the color, the owner said "I want the color of the sky". So I walked outside and looked up. The floor is exactly what I saw! Easier said than done, several mock ups were prepared, to establish the proper proportions of integral pigments and color dyes. As you can see, this is a unique floor, for a one of a kind project.

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