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Golden Pool Deck


Project information:



  • Location: Lhormer Residence - Sonoma, CA

  • Description: Refinishing of old pool deck and patio


Specifications - This project's is a good example of how incredibly effective is our Outdoor Concrete Refinishing System. Pool Decks are typically subject to faster surface erosion, mostly because of the extensive exposure to moisture. In addition, pool decks require a very slip-resistant surface. Our diamond refinishing system for outdoor concrete, which we developed in 2015 as a proprietorial trade, removes the old, worn out and discolored surface, while creating a brand new canvas. The fine scratch pattern left by the diamond tooling, provides an excellent slip resistance, even in wet conditions.

Once the surface was ground and repaired, we pressure washed any residual dust from the pores, and applied Color Juice "Gold". This is a two components water based stain containing silicates. When in contact with the concrete surface, the silicates chemically react with the calcium chloride contained in the concrete, locking the pigments into the surface. Lastly, a clear sealer was applied, to provide additional strength and protection from excessive wear and accidental staining.

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