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Polished Topping Scarlet Stars


Project information:



  • Location: Newman Residence - Sebastopol, CA

  • Description: Remodeling of interior floor


Specifications - This project's main features are the extensive substrate repair work, and integrating art work within the new cement topping.

The original floor slab was composed by two sections, poured in different times, and at different elevations, with an old foundation wall in between. The two sections were prepared separately, then an underlayment was poured to bring the elevation to even point. Brass strips were installed to delineate features, and also to create a stress-relief transition between the slabs. Finally the cement topping was poured, ground, honed and polished to mirror reflectivity. About the stars, we made cardboard templates and let the owner chose the location. Whenever possible we want the owner's participation in the design and layout, which makes the project even more unique, and meaningful.

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